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Mograj Village

How SEED CSR & ORIX joined hands to change the face of this village?

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CSR Initiative

Transforming children lives through CSR?

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Project Pragati – Developing Rural Areas Through Sustainable Development

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Corporate social responsibility

How Businesses Get Benefited by Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility also known as corporate citizenship is the sense of conscience that a corporation integrates with its business model. CSR initiatives in India demonstrates to both consumers and the media, the selfless social interest of a company that is not undertaken for profit margins. The companies that have embraced CSR stands exceptional in terms of brand differentiation, socio-economic contentment and employee satisfaction.

Inaugurating Centre of Excellence ( Skill Development CSR Initiative in India ) by DAFFPL and SeedCSR

The need of a skilled person i...

Promoting Education in India for a Better Future

Education is the key factor that decides our quality of life in future and therefore it holds a lot of value for everyone. Education and skill development are something on which every organization should focus. Promoting education in India should be in every corporate’s to-do list. Seed CSR is actively promoting this cause among private firms and implementing CSR programs to benefit every needy person. There are many firms who are associated with us and invest in CSR activities. Education sector is considered one of the best favored sectors when it comes to contributions by private firms and corporations under their corporate social responsibility. This sector has always attracted huge inflow of funds from big businesses and continues to grow more.

CSR for Women Empowerment Equipping Women with livelihood generation

We have come far from the time when females were meant to stay at home. They were neither given chance to enter educational institutions, nor they were allowed to work. In this era, women are no less than males and hence have entered every profession. The ratio of educated women have increased to a good level, but still there are many females, especially in rural areas or slum areas who are not educated enough to generate livelihood opportunities.

Inaugurating MMU – Special Initiative of TKM with Seed CSR

On the 19th November 2017, Toy...

Why CSR matters to your business?

In the corporate sector, the r...

You can completely rely on a Good Corporate Social Responsibility Agency!

CSR is a broad area which still is in need to gain sufficient attention. It is beneficial for business and for society as well, but only if a CSR project is implemented in a planned way. Increasing importance of Corporate Social Responsibility Agency is the proof that people have now realized its role in a better way. Businesses have started viewing CSR as the main part of their overall business strategy. Biggest challenge to this is to plan a perfect approach of CSR initiative and implement it successfully. This is what Seed CSR is helping corporates since years. We plan and implement CSR initiatives for them, so that they can address the key business issues and the society issues at the same time.

Let’s make a difference through CSR for Women Empowerment

Empowering women is not an overnight process. It needs a lot of consistent effort because very few women are educated enough to stand tall in front of men. We have now more organizations realizing the need of promoting gender equality and so coming forward to invest in CSR for Women Empowerment. In every term women can be equally strong as that of women, be it personally or be it professionally. One thing that is pulling our women back since years is “the chance to grow equally as that of men”.

Supporting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan through CSR initiatives

All of us have grown up by hea...

Birlasoft CSR Initiative with Solution to Stubble Burning

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Cleanliness taking a reality through mass participation: Seed CSR

Describing the Swachh Bharat Mission — a mission initiated 3 year back by our prime Minister Narendra Modi has seen an extreme reprove – being a social movement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi underlined that just as Swaraj was achieved by satyagrahis, cleanliness would become a reality through “swachhagrahis” (those who work for cleanliness).

Substantial Developments in Educational Methods

In this ever-growing Indian society, a need for getting a productive, effective and valid education has become the staple objective for all our youth. India, which is divided into 29 States and 7 Union territories, naturally holds an important responsibility to impart and Promoting Education in India amongst its youth and induce a quality-driven management system in multiple sectors of our society by the future generation. Our Indian education system has introduced a number of provisions to initiate educational facilities to varied sectors in our society. However, it is also a known fact that initiation and implementation are two different sides of the coin. Education, being a basic need for all our children, needs a strong implementation platform to ease the process of building a bright future of these young Indian minds.