Quality Education has always been a problem in India. Dearth of qualified teachers and infrastructure facilities in far flung areas, has led to the absence of quality education
We at SEED have the responsibility to make sure that students have access to resources and expert help, so that children don’t get deprived of a prosperous childhood, where their natural ambition is taken care of. We make sure that there is reasonable amount of awareness about health, hygiene and sanitation issues and there is easy access to basic health services and medication. Students are provided with a library room, where they can improve and upgrade their reading skills, which is absolutely essential aspect for young students.

We take pride in providing students with essential school necessities such as bags, stationery, books, uniform, etc. We encourage parents to get in touch with the teachers to update themselves regarding the academic and extracurricular progress of their wards.

We have the responsibility for creating a conducive atmosphere for all the children, where we invest our amount and time in school infrastructure which includes provision of adequate playing areas, provision of clean drinking water and adequate toilet space. We encourage children to engage themselves in various activities such as, sports, dancing, singing, art and craft, etc. as part of recreational activities. This in turn helps in making students adept in their respective areas and allows them to indulge in meaningful activities and also helps them broaden their skills based on their interest in respective fields.

Entertainment activities are organized on regular basis and children are encouraged to participate in sports and cultural events. Festivals are celebrated with great fervor and joy and the entire community gets involved on such occasions.