Though women in the last few years have advanced in achieving parity with men, women living in rural areas are still backward and have no one to guide them. They have no one to advice them so that they can be confident enough to take necessary steps to move forward and have virtually zero decision-making power in their household.
Our endeavor is to make women self-reliant, develop personality skills and find out the importance of the role and see in what way they can contribute to the society.

We have come across women’s associations like SEWA wherein women are taught to be self reliant. In the same way by forming associations, women can become much more independent and can feel confident to have a probable way of earning their livelihood. These helpless and needy women take part in skill enhancement training and pick up various professions like tailoring, embroidery, dairy farming, papad / pickle / vada making, broom-making among others, so that they can sell their finished product in the market in order to earn their livelihood. They are also educated in accessing the markets for their goods and fix a price for the goods they have made.

These women willingly participate in teaching sessions where they easily learn basic arithmetic and gain valuable practice to read and write alphabets. They are taught the nuances of financial transactions by opening a bank account wherein they can deposit and withdraw their savings. These women are also taught what it means to start one’s own business and how sole ownership can change their lives for better.

Women are also educated about the positive effects of clean and hygienic environment whereby they gain sufficient knowledge and awareness about common health and hygiene issues. They also make themselves award of what health problems their wards are subject to and how they can prevent them. SEED helps in organizing special health clinics for women and children and plays a pivotal role in solving the problems of the people of lower strata of the society.