Rather than just conducting conventional health camps, we strive to make India a health superpower. The key essence to our quality healthcare implementation is quality maximization. We employ the most professional and compassionate doctors and healthcare experts, a combination that is hard to beat. Add to that a thriving ecosystem, and the results are unparalleled.


Each patient gets personalized attention as a part of a streamlined, systematic approach. Patients are requested to bring in records of any condition they might have suffered in the past. After having the form filled, a personal counselor ensures that there is no disease or medical condition that the patient has missed out on. Then, the patients go in for a general checkup, and medicines are provided if necessary.

If any of the reports suggests a further test, we make sure that the diagnosis is done as soon as possible. The patient is given a medical report along with a reference number that can be used in the future as well. Patients are referred to the best hospitals that are within their reach for treatment. If there is any kind of discount or relaxation possible on the treatment fee, it is conveyed to the patient’s family. Patients are also encouraged to enroll for medical insurance and protection.


Besides, patients are also counselled and enrolled for preventive healthcare. This is especially helpful for patients with a genetic history of some specific disease(s). All patients are provided with a brochure in their local language for getting their basics right with regard to healthcare. Doctors and counselors stress on the importance of hygiene. A special camp is set up for smoking and tobacco cessation. Chain smokers and tobacco consumers are provided regular assistance and follow ups, and their progress is tracked regularly.