If you give a man a glass of milk everyday, you make him dependent. But if you teach him how to milk his cow, you make him rich. The same theory applies to skill development.

Quality training is crucial to skill development. Many field workers start learning the tricks of the trade years after they started doing it. But imagine the levels of our productivity if the skill base of all workers is strengthened before handing them the job. Our efforts in skill development incorporate all-round training so that all trainees are hands on at their job by the time they start off.
Another important aspect of working skills are their coherence with the demands of the industry. Technology is ever evolving, and skill development needs to evolve simultaneously. An expert faculty imparts vocational training and helps individuals with any problem they encounter during the course of the training.

Our skill development programs touch upon various domains such as agriculture, heavy machinery, textiles, food, kitchenware and computers, to name a few. Workers, once fully trained, are placed appropriately. We regularly have recruitment drives, so pools of ready workers are hired frequently. We also have a training assistance cell, where students can regularly get their doubts clarified.

Skill development is highly essential for entrepreneurs too. We have created many modules to arouse innovation among thinkers. And if innovation is channelized in the right way, there’s nothing like it. Not only do entrepreneurs create a living for themselves, they create livelihoods and directly affect many lives.