India is one of the most rapidly developing countries. Infrastructure is an integral part of Indian development and SEED has taken the initiative to bring better infrastructure to Indian village, thus helping in making India a better nation. Seed has adopted measures for the betterment and contentment of the people living in villages. These measures include building of walking tracks, pavements, community halls, high tech hospitals and other centres providing sanitation facilities. All the measures aim towards taking health and sanitation of people to another level.

Making schools an amazing experience for children in villages with proper playgrounds, electrical devices, water purifiers and better seating arrangement. The initiatives taken by SEED are entirely based on nature- friendly activities. To revamp the society, solar panels, solar street lights, water supply, sewers, electrical grids are installed. Measures for the up gradation of society involve modernization of rotary clubs, angandwadi centres and other buildings.
We know that overall renovation of society upgrades the standard of living and happiness of people and so we believe in contributing towards the maintenance of social infrastructure for enhancing growth of villages which in turn leads to the growth of India.