Swachh Bharat initiative is the urgent call of the hour. With our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the entire India is ready for clean India and Green India motives. The clean India vision was required to establish a healthy and hygienic environment for the people in India. Continuing the legacy of swachh bharat abhiyan, SEED CSR has strived towards maintaining the clean surroundings for the people of India. Swachh Varanasi project participated by SEED CSR is a stepping stone towards the fulfilment of the dream called Swachh Bharat. The project involves setting up of various high tech devices for better maintenance of river Ganga. Devices like smart toilets and portable superstructure for shifting excess water to low water level sites are installed at Ganga Ghats.
Some of the major facilities provided by SEED in remote areas are introducing toilets with cloud based remote monitoring and real time behavior tracking features. These are also very useful for differently abled and females.
Various campaigns related to creating awareness about sanitation techniques, health and hygiene among the people living in villages, are also launched by SEED. We consider it our responsibility to spread awareness among the people through educating them about the importance of movements like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and the constructive aspect of the movement. Our focus lies upon making India clean India, better India and with our determination, we tend to make such movements really impactful!