We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone

It is hard to think of a single section of society that is not impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the effects of which the world will continue to feel for a long time to come. In these challenging times, it is difficult to think of anyone apart from one’s own families and their survival.  The aftermath of the pandemic entails a speculative future for economies and industries but, in particular, the poor and marginalized communities. The most affected are the daily wage earners who are left abandoned with access to limited or no resources.

With the increase in day-to-day challenges for survival, and adverse financial consequences to the economy of almost every nation, this outbreak has resulted in a trying situation for the marginalized sections of society. Amidst these severely restrictive circumstances, we strongly believe in giving back to the less fortunate. Strictly following every preventive measure for Covid-19, our team has kept these communities actively engaged and is helping them fight against this pandemic.

As masks have become an essential requirement in these times, the SEED team has been involved in training women help groups to make Covid-19 facemasks through online classes and self-made craft videos. We have also delivered bundles of cloth to these groups to physically make these facemasks. We are giving them the support to develop and augment their skills while keeping them protected from this pandemic. 

The SEED team has conducted a ‘Mask Distribution Drive’ in Janauli village, Palwal with the help of Mr. Surjender. Hind Terminals helped in distributing ration to 100 tribal families in Savroli village, Raigarh. All these activities have been implemented following proper social distancing and sanitization procedures.

We are trying to reach as many areas as we can to support the deprived sections of our society. In this context, with the help of Mr. Jahangir, our vendor and HCL project staff, the SEED HO team has distributed food packets near Charbagh railway station and Topdarwaza community, Lucknow. 

We strongly believe in helping others and remain committed in our efforts to mitigate the difficulties faced by the poor and the vulnerable. These small steps cannot relieve them from the pandemic but they will give them a fighting chance against its detrimental effects.  Please continue to support us so that we can continue to serve the people.